marți, 13 august 2013

back from vacation...

I don't know about you, but my vacation meant lots of unhealthy food, or at least that's how I see it. A lot of cheese and a lot of meat don't make for a good meal, thank god I was eating it with garden tomatoes and bell peppers, onions and cucumbers! And I have to say the ratio was inclined towards the vegetables, that doesn't however make an excuse towards my body for the fact that I still had a lot of meat.
As I've mentioned in the beginning, this is my journey, my ups and downs, and it should be taken as my life's story, and not some rule to follow. We all choose our own path, I hope mine will lead me to being raw and happy with myself. I did notice that my head is lighter, I think much better and I am significantly more creative while I eat my kind of healthy food; and I think the best diet is the one that suits ourselves.
I have to mention the fact that during the last two weeks I've been riding my motorcyle alot, and I've been working alot in my beautiful garden back that connection to nature was my top priority. That is why I've come back with new positivity and fresh forces, ready to stand up to my job and any bad energy, which I totally intend to block out. My first thaught when coming back was having a detox, and so I used this recipe for gingerade. I loved it last summer, but I don't know how I totally forgot about it this year, but I am going to make up for the lost time.
I just have to mention here the fact that Mrs Ligia Pop is the first person on this planet that opened my eyes towards this totally different way of life!
I've made my gingerade with the same ingredients, I only used quantities that suited my taste, and I came up with a great detox for today. After blending little pieces of ginger in water with my hand mixer, I poured the juice separated from the pulp and lemon juice into my lovely green glass bottle, and brought it to work with me:
...and turned into a whole 2 liters of goodness:
...and it still is a little bit too concentrated. I've shared this recipe and a glass of fresh gingerade with one of my colleagues, the one I've already mentioned is interested just like me in living healthy, and she loved it!
I have to say I miss my home back at Raca, but I'm not totally sad about coming back here, as I have quiet and an organized rythm, like making a smoothie each morning before going to work:

banana and pineapple for today

I've seen some amazing places this vacation, connected to the nature in my garden, spent a lot of time with my wonderful two nieces, played with my cats and dog, in total having a wonderful quiet time. Here is a wonderfull cool little river close to the Danube:
just for the meaning of refreshing your eyes, as I think even just looking at nature photos cleans our polluted brains a little bit.
And for more beauty,

I hope our lives will be as wonderful as this flower!  

Let's give nature the chance to gain us back!