luni, 20 octombrie 2014

As if I cared...

People around me, who know me well already know that I am an optimistic person, and that I always try to be as optimistic as possible. I really do not like nervous people, jumpy people, pessimist or somber people; I feel like they are sucking the life out of me, and I hate it. There was a time when I managed to stay away from them, but lately I had to have more social interaction and unfortunately, once you put yourself out there, you most definitely fall upon one type or another.
I thought that human stupidity and wrongness cannot surprise me anymore, but I was terribly wrong. I saw a thing I would not have wanted to see in my entire life, people promoted just because of their attitude and not their merits, people thinking that they are better than others just because they are more vile and violent. This type of people makes me want to never get my nose out of my books, at least the latter won't strut in my face puffing up their chests and trying to convince me that they are doing a good thing.
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I was completely surprised to see that such a person felt the need to let me know that I should not say to others what I have witnessed, and even more surprised to find out that I was thought to judge. I do not have such right, nor do I want the right to judge people. We all are the sum of our actions, so I strongly believe that we should all mind our own business. I have so many things to think about that I don't even have the spare time to think about myself, let alone care about what others do. Especially people that I think are low and do not want to be associated with.
And just to be clear, I do not judge people by their aspect, or their tastes in clothes, or their taste in music and books, I don't judge people if they read or not, if they can write correctly or not, and most of all I don't give a damn if they have money or not. My friends come from all places, have eclectic tastes, are airy and crazy, and the only connection is the respect we feel for each other.
But I do judge people by their actions; and I find out that your heart is pitch-black, I want nothing to do with you. I won't go telling here and there that you're not worth it, I am a believer in the idea that we should all learn from our mistakes; but I will definitely cut all contact with you, and I would prefer to never see you again.
Not believing that my method is best, I still do not want to have anything to do with people I don't like, and I'm keeping my friends' circle to a minimum, with people that make me a better person and people who make me smile and feel warm and safe. I like to believe that I'm doing the same for them, and I am forever grateful for the luminous persons in my life. These are the persons I care about, and only these. I do not pry into their personal lives, they do not invade my privacy, but we help each other as much as possible, without expecting something in return.
With these being said, I conclude yet another chapter in my journal by saying that if a person is not my friend, they should know that I really really do not care about anything they're doing, because my life is much more interesting than theirs.
Now, with a lighter heart, I humbly return to work.

luni, 13 octombrie 2014


Nothing left to say..just a warm suggestion: watch carefully and LISTEN!!!

...and my personal Favorite:

If TREES could talk...what would they whisper to us?