duminică, 6 iulie 2014

Summer bliss...

There's something abut Summer that just makes me want to lay down, slow down, appreciate life more and love myself more. It's not the heat, since I am lucky to live in a cool place, it's just the sweetness of the birds singing in the small wood next to my block, the sun that goes to sleep late, the moon that is so big and wonderful each night, the breezy nights and the nice afternoon motorcycle rides; all these make me love more. And not just love myself, but love in general. I feel the love from the sun, it calms me, makes me radiate it...
I do believe that the most important aspect in our everyday life is nutrition. If we don't eat properly, we are grumpy and depressed, lifeless and exposed to disease. It's exactly for that reason that summer can heal us in and out, from the brain to the body, with its abundance of goodies. I strongly believe that a sun kissed fruit, freshly picked, can induce us a state of happiness and love.
Although I haven't written here in a while, I bet you can already understand that my belief about food hasn't changed. Indeed, I'm still a vegan, if not a full raw-vegan, at least 80% of my diet is still made up of fresh fruit and greens, and all this due to the lovely summer which provides everything I need.
And yes, I feel great, haven't lost or gained weight, it wasn't necessarily my intention; but as I've stated from the beginning, my energy level was low. Gradually, as my body started to cleanse from all those year of meat eating, my energy grew, just like so many before me stated it. My hair and nails are great, although I switched to almond, soya and rice milk without a sweat; as I've noticed for some years now that pasteurized milk gave me stomach aches.
I've been making smoothies every morning and that kept me and my boyfriend flu free all winter, although he's not a vegan at all. With the fruit abundance this season I don't even bother to make juice out of them, especially if they are from trustworthy sources. A salad like this
 is also a rare and too fancy thing, as I like to bite from my fruit, but I do them for my boyfriend, trying to make him eat more fruits.
I planted a lot of vegetables this year, I am proud to have had such activities, which I've missed for so many years, I even grow tomatoes on my balcony:
with little to no expenses, as I've received the little plants from a friend and I've recycled plastic 5 liter water bottles.

 So I'm going to eat my own grown tomatoes, after such a long time...

I read a lot on different subjects, love trees more than ever and love to go camping, which we've done a couple of times, and will do again, being the bikers that we are. My primary love remains reading on a blanket under a tree, my motor close.
I've even taken my nieces on a small field trip on foot, climbed a few rocks and once we got to the top, we spread our blanket, read our books and eaten our sandwiches which we've made ourselves.

We were pretty up out there, with cotton candy clouds, fresh crisp air, and it felt awesome!
There's something about laying with your face towards the sky, knowing that for a good piece of earth around, you are the closest to the sky, yet with your back against the secure earth;

it's some sort of happy dizziness you feel, that makes your head light.  I wish to inspire more of the reading love to my sweet nieces; I want them to see how cool it is to read and love nature.

I'll also try to inspire my sister to give up meat and sweets, but it's hard to do that while we're in different cities. I'll make some raw cookies next Friday, when I'm going to visit them.
Nature is so beautiful and I love having small pieces of wonder on my balcony, like this cucumber:

 It's amazing and beautifully strange that one little seed could give birth to such beauty. I'm stil at wonder of how complex nature is. Here are some other plant pots I've made from plastic bottles; I got the idea from a picture I saw on the Internet and then I've put one of these in every free corner of my little terrace facing the wonderful small wood.
I really feel blessed to live in this place, even if it is in a big and noisy city, this living and breathing barrier keeps it all away from my little green sanctuary.
These being said, I am proud to admit that I'm a vegan treehugger and grass worshiper, and all green inspires me to love:
May the green love which nature used to make all around us help us find the right path and heal all our wounds!