sâmbătă, 20 iulie 2013

Abundance weekend....

I decided last evening, while I was reading in my bed, that today morning I should go shoping for food, but not at the supermarket, like we always do, but at our local market. I found out about this market from a work colleague, friend and healthy food enthusiast (we often couple for e-orders, so that we can split the post taxes...:D), and today I got up earlier than M and got on my way. The market is like 3-4 minutes bike ride away, so I was there in no time. When I saw what an abundance of healthy, bio food there was, I did some shopping but called M to come and take the bags...as I had bought so much that they wouldn't fit into my motor sattlebags.
Thinking that I've spent all my money, which was 100 lei (22.6 Euro or 29.6 UDS); I think I made a bargain, for various reasons.
First of all; just watch here what we came home with:
...and with a melon, which didn't fit on the table:
....and these looked so fine, that I just had to make some more pictures...
 those are real carrots, my friends, are not that red, don't come washed out of the earth and are not kept in a refrigerator.....
 ..the peaches to the left are half the size of normal ones, both are local, as I asked the sellers... and are yummy...
 ...the tomatoes, as well as the aubergines are from a nearby village, an old gentleman was selling them, and he made me a discount for the tomatoes!
 these flat peaches are the only fruits that are not local, but I just couldn't help myself...
 the prunes and carrots, basil and parsley all come from an old lady who was really adorable....I was looking for this kind of sellers, the ones with only a few products, and usually older people are definitely selling from their own garden!
I made a concession with those yellow beans, but they really looked ok, and the onions are also from another old lady :D...
Well, if you take your time and look close enough, you will come to realize very easily which ones sell for themselves and which are hired sellers, who won't make discounts and have no idea where their fruits and veggies come from!
...just look at these...they look awesome and smell like tomato heaven!
...these taste just as good as they look!
...this is what I call abundance!
The basil doesn't look so good, it's from the lady with the prunes, but It smelled so good, I didn't see it on her table but said I wanted it! and I was so glad, because it also has roots! I'l plant one of the stalks!
I got then to organizing things so that they would fit into my fridge....
M always asked why do I keep the plastic boxes from cherry tomatoes, and this is the answer! Everything is much more organized, and these plasic boxes have holes, so the fruit breeths!
ready to be cooled.... the prunes I kept in the blue pot are for jam...I heard about another method, which when I started reading the article I remember my grandma used to use it for compots. I'll try it on 4 jars of jam and see what comes up...anyway I will make more prune jam later! (It's my favorite!)
...the cucumbers are from M's mom, they were much more, but I ate them all alone! I'll have to convince M to eat more veggies!
 ...and this is my breakfast.....

...together with some boiled corn I bought yesterday from Kaufland.

 The Romanian corn and zucchinnis were the only things that appealed to me yesterday in that supermarket...I started looking only for our products..... I love the way both taste...I boiled the corn in this:
...which is a very practical thing to have in your kitchen, I must say I've used it alot!

Well, that would be all for some time, I'll be back with some ideas for food to take on vacation, as mine is coming soon, and when riding a bike through the country, you have to be sure what you take with you, as the space is really really limited!

Until next time, I wish everyone a green and happy life, enjoy green because it will make you happier, and give you this wonderful photo I took last weekend, with the comment that my bare feet were on the grass while snapping it!

vineri, 5 iulie 2013

Having a glass o' wine...

 I've finally discovered how important light is to a photo...
 ...and this is my "wine"...raspberries and banana! delicious!
.....and since I was in the mood for snapping photos:
..... and here's my all time fave occupation in the morning:
....and what I'm currently reading:
The power of now!I'm only a quarter of it through...but it really is worth reading! I know I'm already in debt with a few reviews...I'll make them this weekend, ok?
Here's my latest buy, at the advice of Mr. Marko Pogacnik, who wrote about Paracelsus in his book...
...and here's the flower we gifted our colleague yesterday with, for it is her birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Lore! And a happy weekend to everyone else!

May the green power inspire us to do good deeds!