vineri, 5 iulie 2013

Having a glass o' wine...

 I've finally discovered how important light is to a photo...
 ...and this is my "wine"...raspberries and banana! delicious!
.....and since I was in the mood for snapping photos:
..... and here's my all time fave occupation in the morning:
....and what I'm currently reading:
The power of now!I'm only a quarter of it through...but it really is worth reading! I know I'm already in debt with a few reviews...I'll make them this weekend, ok?
Here's my latest buy, at the advice of Mr. Marko Pogacnik, who wrote about Paracelsus in his book...
...and here's the flower we gifted our colleague yesterday with, for it is her birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Lore! And a happy weekend to everyone else!

May the green power inspire us to do good deeds!

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