vineri, 8 august 2014

an ordinary day in the life of a hobbit...

While writing this, I'm at my desk in my office, so yes, hobbits do have desk jobs, suitable for their talkative, but less action-prone personalities...
Just watched about six John Deere combines passing by our headquarters, and they are a joy to watch, although they are the symbol of industrialization of agriculture. I can't help it, I  just love tractors, combines and all those green beautiful machines...
...they all look like huge toys to me...It might be because my father used to own a tractor back in the days, and sometimes let me "drive" it...which means I would sit in his lap and take over the wheel (I was way too short to reach for the pedals...).
Returning to our days, I'm saddened by some of my bacony used to look like this:
..but there was so much rain this past month that my beautiful petunias:
...look now like this:
they practically have no more leaves! some how now started to grow and the poor things still have most of their flowers, so I wonder how they survived...I even thought about giving them some growth chemicals...I'm desperate! especially since I have no other place to hang them, my balcony is full...
That's a sunflower up front...I wonder if there will be some result from it...I actually have 2.
Like a true witch, I've planted sage...although late enough...but my little grass has come to life:
and gets along with my producing tomato:
I already have ripe tomatoes:

which I will be eating this weekend.They are extremely scented, and I'm sure they'll taste heavenly.I've waited desperately for my rosemary to come to life, I've even planted them 2 times, but only got this shy result after a long time:

which led me to thinking that the seeds were bad. I have beautiful edible flowers which I didn'ty have the heart to eat:

and I got some eggplants from my friend, wondering if I will see any produce, since they have flowered:

 before risking to bore you to death..I would like to add that my kale tastes delicious and I have planted little plants in every nook available:
That being said, I dream myself away, in some forest high in the mountains, just me the trees and the birds, and maybe a good book...a hammock and some lemonade...
So  you an see what an ordinary day in my life looks like: dreaming away, dreaming about good food/drink, a good book and a lot of quiet, worrying about my crops and writing about every little thing...nothing very exciting or very brave...just an ordinary simple life....:)

Wishing you a great green weekend!

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