joi, 16 mai 2013

more aware...

...of my body, that would be about all I would have to say about this period in my life...I am on a frugal diet and it's working really fine...only been eating apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, pineapple for a week now...and it shows...cleaner pores, less need for sleep, energy and overall feeling better about myself.
     The scale keeps up...I weigh with 3 or more kilos less then the last time I've done it...that would be like 2 weekes ago...that only ambitioned me more....
      I also started working out a little more each evening, especially focusing on my abdomen...hope this will last...I have to fit into my new two bikinis that I received from my of that later :D
      Until next time, here's part of my meal for today:
...and yes, my office desk looks like a car crash...I know...

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