vineri, 28 iunie 2013

Yummy idea...

because it was soooo good and tasty and easy to make, I thaught I'd share my new find...
....guacamole with dill....if you can call it guacamole...
and the recipe goes:
- half an avocado;
- quarter of a bell pepper (I used yellow);
- one garlic thingie...(one piece that is!);
- one sun-dried tomato;
- as much fresh dill as one likes....and I like alot!
- a few drops of good water, salt & pepper
I blended it all together and here's what it resulted.
Wonderful taste, it goes awesome like this:
Simone, my colleague and amateur of raw food just like me, tasted it, and she liked it. I have to say I ate untill I almost bursted! It is yummy. By now it is shure that is the best avocado combination I've made! The secret has to be to put those things you like in it!

May Mother Nature give us power and let's have a wonderful GREEN weekend!

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