marți, 17 decembrie 2013

slipping through...

I've been still eating only veggies, rice, beans, nuts, etc, but every now and then I have to admit I really enjoyed some fish...
I's not a very good idea, but how could someone resist this:

well, I couldn't!
And I have to admit that it tasted awesome, and although in the morning my stomach didn't quite agree with my rich dinner, at least I was happy for a few hours last night... well not really, and I won't really repeat this experience very soon, but I had to share the fact that it's ok to slip at some point...just don't do it to often...

I was able to stop eating meat once I didn't stress myself out about the fact that I need to not eat meat; once that mental barrier was down, and I didn't exert any more pressure upon myself, I could let go easily. I just found out that in order to stay a vegetarian, you need to work with your mind, not against it, otherwise failure is in sight even from the beginning. And remember, I've been there, done that, that's how I know this!

In another order of ideas, my friends intend to cook a duck for Christmas...and I am a little bit desperate, as I don't know what I'm going to eat...I'll have to dig up the internet for some ideas...and share them here..

Have a great week, and may our determination help us in the hour of need!

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