joi, 19 septembrie 2013

The Popeye diet...

I don't like fact I hate it! I don't like it cooked in any way, not even in pasta or with cheese, I pure and simply hate the taste of it! And I'm not really a picker, but spinach is one of the few things I really don't like to eat. In fact, there are so few, that I currently can't remember anything else that I would never eat....
So, like I said, I hate it, but if you receive a sac of spinach what do you do with it? you boil it a little, mince it and freeze it. That's exactly what I did with mine....but I left some...for an experiment...
...that looked like this:
...and tasted surprisingly awesome!! my first sip was hesitant...then I drank it all quickly...because it tasted very very good!
And so my breakfast for every morning of last week consisted of 1banana+ 1 full fist of spinach + a little bit of water....and I didn't feel the need to eat anything by 12.00 o'clock! On the right is M's smoothie...banana + I don't remember.....he's not really curious about that "greenish stuff"

I do believe that if I hate cooked spinach, but loooove green, leafy and crunchy one...then it must have an especially good taste, right?
...really missed this one, right?

I hope everyone has a wonderful time during this wonderful autumn!

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