marți, 11 martie 2014

Nature, my friend...

It doesn't matter who the celebrity in the video below is, all that matters is the message that he's trying to send. And he is right, because he is addressing the right people. I just realized that now; that if we want a permanent change for the better, if we want our Planet to get better, and its inhabitants to live a better life together (animals and plants alike); we should address the young generation. They are tomorrow's travelers, and the actor saying this is absolutely right; they will decide what to do next; and if we teach them to be responsible and that being friends with nature is the coolest thing on Earth, then that's what they will be doing from now on.

So I really believe that addressing the young generation is the best idea; we would need such a personality here in Romania, someone who attracts the young public, to make them more responsible with regards to our environment.
Our values need to change, need to make a shift and become much more realistic. We need to understand that we can never be accomplished as long as we hurt other beings while trying to get richer, or satisfied with our lives.
We've been voluntarily cleaning the outskirts of our cities through Let's Do It Romania, and it was a great experience, but we need to make more, raise awareness about so many things that I become desperate just thinking about it all. Just like the clip says, there's no such one person to make a change, but we can do it together, and we can start making a difference.
As our youth here in Romania has unfortunately lost much of the idea of real values, and I don't want to be unfair in stating this, but I am really worried that real values start to fade in their eyes in front of latest technology, cool cars, being the object of all envy and so on; and there's little to no space left to worry about the nature they inherit. This is of course happening because they don't have a role model like this actor is trying to be for youth all over the world, but once again I feel desperate that we, Romanians, are so isolated, that change comes hard and with a cost that few are willing to pay.
If only adults would be more aware of the legacy they are passing on; but we've had nature at our feet for so long, and this beautiful country has given us so much to be proud about in this respect, that we literally take it for granted, and don't even realize what we are doing to it; or at least the average citizen, working from 8 to 18 everyday, isn't very preoccupied about it; least of all is he trying to lecture his sons and daughters in respecting and protecting nature.
We are however, trying, shy steps towards a greener future; young adults trying to make a difference engaging our youth into becoming responsible; and I do hope that we stand a chance in leaving our beautiful land better after we'll pass on. In order to make a global change, we have to start locally, right? And how about starting in our own homes; and in our offices; is there something more local than that?

That doesn't stop me from wishing our own younger celebrities got more involved and set an example...

More on this subject to come...

Let's love GREEN!

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