luni, 17 iunie 2013

Another week...

When I am positive about all around me it is easier to face a new week at I started mine by watering the plants in my and my boss' office.
Then all hell broke loose, I had so much work that I will probably leave my office at night, but I am still preety fine...
Wanted to share my breakfast, have I mentioned the fact that I've started to "corrupt" my boyfriend also in this morning smoothie business?
His is the one on the left; banana, pear and a few sour cherries, mine has a banana, a few more sour cherries, no pear, but some salad leaves and some bf is not very receptive about the green stuff in smoties ...yet!
Besides helping my bf with his work for the exams, I've been reading bits of this:
which is fascinating! I knew it! I knew fairies and elves existed! More to come on this book, with a full detailed review, of course! I still have one more book to analyze, very soon that also!

Have I mentioned the fact that my kindle is woth its weight in gold until now???
I  am really not a big tech fan, but this item is awesome! love it!
And returning to our wonderful green world, here are some snapshots of my bf's mother's flowers; it was late, no really good lighting, but I just couldn't help it...

May we all find the green power within us!

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