joi, 27 iunie 2013

I need to believe...

...that there is another way, that there is another life after this one! that after I'm gone, I leave something behind, and something ahead, that life is more than what meets the eye, that we are much more than what we seem to be!
There has to be a purpose to all this around us, not just be born, live a dull life and die...and that would be it! There has to be something deeper, something that makes us special, something to be worth being born for, living for, and dying for! this heart we have inside, the ache and the joy we feel, this cannot be wasted on us without a special purpose, I refuse to believe we are useless!
what would be the purpose of giving us a soul if not to make it grow, blossom and transform....from the crisalide to the butterfly? so much goodness wasted? I don't think so!
there has to be a meaning, a purpose, and a reason for all of this!

Now, let's sit down and meditate about it!

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