joi, 20 iunie 2013

Summer bliss...

..that's how I thaught this morning to name my new smoothie recipe. I went shopping yesterday evening for some cat food for my three "beasts", and just could't help it and bought some red melon and some cherries...
and made this today in the morning:
I also bought this pendant
 from the Dianusa site, I hope it will have some effect in protecting me from the negative energy flowing in my office at times. Also, it is said that it protects against diseases, and I do believe that if you strongly believe in something, it will help! it also looks very preety, I must say!
I'm still reading Marko Pogacnik's book,
this is the English original version
and Google books has some reviews on it, I will soon have mine too; and not for others to read, but I trully like writing down my impressions about the books I'm reading; that way, even after many years, I can read my opinion and remember in an instant what the book was about. It is also interesting to read a book with a child's eyes, and then with a mature (sic!) woman's eyes....quite different experiences!

May the green power fill our thaughts anywhere we are!

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