vineri, 5 aprilie 2013

First motivation

       I know it is not correct to start a text with the pronoun I, as it is above all ego-centric, but this blog really is about I, that is about Me and also all others who decide to change their lifestyle at one point. This world is composed of many many I's (I guess..), so let this journey begin and take Me and You wherever the road ahead will lead us.

       First of all, I should answer the crucial question Why? Well, most of all because this year I'm turning 30 and feel that I need to make a huge change in my life, because I feel something missing in my life and maybe this is it, I really do not know but it's worth a try after so many years of search, and also for health reasons. Don't worry, not irremediable and really grave health problems, just some old old constipation, some 20 kilos to much and most of all : my (almost total at times) lack of energy!
        When and if asked why a blog for it; my answer will be simple: because writing about it will encourage me more, will help me realize my successes and failiures and will motivate me at some point to keep going!
         I will have to add here that I've been tempted by this whole vegetarian-vegan thing for some time now, I've even had a vegetarian period and a vegan shorter one, but it didn't last long and I slipped. Now that I think back and look forward I know partially what I did wrong: first of all I decided overnight that I wanted to be a vegetarian, without mental preparation. I now realize that I have to train my mind even more than my body for such a change. I understand now that being a vegetarian is first of all a connection to nature, and not just a plate full of vegetables. I have to know my body and that can only be accomplished by my brain.
         In consequence, this will also be the documentation of my path towards enlightning, as well as a vegan life. Or at least I hope so! If I totally stop writing, then I've let go.
         My second mistake was that, in my hurry to start my vegetarian life, I didn't prepare my kitchen well enough, that is make stocks of all the essential ingredients needed to start this kind of a journey. I had some green, and some nuts, and some seeds, and fruits, but as much as I loved eating them at first, they started tasting bland after a while. And I must add here that being a vegetarian in Romania is not easy, but even not very hard, from a material point of view.
         I decided that from today on, I will be a vegetarian on Wednsdays and Fridays. All the other days I will still eat as I used to, just add salad to the steak if you whish. At some point, which I haven't decided upon yet, I will also introduce Sunday probably, so that I will have a veggie day and an off-veggie day...and so on.
         My third mistake, or better to say weakness, was that I let "temptation" come my way, through my friends, who eat all the ordinary things Romanian eat: pork steak, fried chicken, french fries, baked potatoes, chicken soup, etc... and it's hard to resist when all at the table, and you eat only your "poor" salad...or even worse, not eat at all!
           I will have to prepare my "goodies " for whenever I go to visit so that I will have my own good food and don't need theirs. Plus, they'll have to respect my 2 day's fasting during the week, and maybe they'll do it too, who knows?
          My last problem is my boyfriend, who is a convinced carnivore. I could convince him to move to China, but never, and I mean NEVER will he give up his meat! So I have to cook a carnivore meal, and also my meals....and that will be preety hard! I haven't figured out yet how I will deal with this unavoidable aspect, but as soon as I'll know, I'll let everybody know!
          Still, I'll shurely try to introduce more vegetables and fruits, for he's also overweight and I am shure his body also lacks all good vitamins and minerals ! Maybe this will help? We'll see...One thing I know for shure, he loves vegan cookies! and that's a start, right?

         As you may see, I've given a lot of thaught to this aspect and I'm embarqueing on this journey with a baggage of knowledge I didn't previously own.
         What I shurely understand is that a vegetarian life for a girl like me has to start in my mind, and not in my plate. So you see, it's not a pure coincidence that I'm currently reading and taking notes on:
and intend to read :
as well as all the following books in the collection written by Vladimir Megre.
I've read:
...but it shurely wasn't enough, although I loved reading it. I just wasn't prepared back then. I don't know if I am now, but I'll try!
I'll even write my impressions on the books I'll be reading, just to make my journey here complete! For anybody who will want these books, I'm more then willing to send them by e-mail, so feel free to ask!

        I love nature, countryside, forests, grass, flowers, but animals above all, so I'll make them my allies in this new quest!


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