miercuri, 10 aprilie 2013

Weekend recap

I think it's a little bit late for a weekend recap, but i'll still do it, as I said I'll be closely watching what I'm eating and document it here. Thus, the excuse for so late a report is the fact that I'm over excited by the fact that I'm buying a new bike, and this may be the main cause for my lack of interest for food, but I don't think it is entirely that.
I have to say that the decision to not totally eliminate meat from my diet has worked wonders, as since last time I wrote I only had one sandwich with 2 salami slices, and that is all the meat I needed, and only because I was hungry and I didn't have anything prepared. in order to avoid that, I've made a vegetable soup:
 peas, corn, onion, carrots, cabbage, prasley, celery and some green leaves at the end, plus some tomato juice I made myself last automn from boiled tomatos only, kept in glass bottles.
            I still have some of it, and yesterday afternoon when I came home from work I was hungry and warmed up some of this soup, and ate it and then I could really think straight...so that the only think I ate afterwards was a kiwi, carrot and broccoli juice...and i tfelt great; and this morning I still did feel very good.
           It's some kind of strange, last week during this time I was limp, lifeless, in no mood for anything, and since I've eaten a lot of salads and fruits I already sleep better, have more energy, and I am less stressed at work...but as I've said, it can be from the fact that I am excited to get my motor, and not only from  the food.
Anyways, I've found my "decalougue" so to speak....
and glued it to my fridge door...
...it is infact the Better Raw Protocol, which I find very useful and inspiring! My first obedience act was to dust off my juicer...get it from its box and put it on my kitchen counter for good:

 where it's going to have company from my already used and trust-worthy hand mixer:
They are not state-of-the art, they were not expensive, but they will have to do for now...
             I've also tried something new last evening: germinating seeds! Here is the 1 kilo bag of red clover seeds:
that I was to afraid to open until now (funny, right?) and here is what I did:
just put some in a jar with water, and leave them there until today evening...when I have no idea what I should do...I'll have to look it up today....
              So, I've been busy busy!
              Wish me luck and pupici!

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