miercuri, 10 aprilie 2013

Holy guacamole!

I had no idea...I mean I always heard avocado this...and avocado that...but I never thaught it would be so good. I even bought two or three avocados last year, I let them overripe and threw them away, I was to afraid to even try one!
But yesterday evening I came back from work, and even if I was really exhausted, as I had a terrible stressed-out day, I decided to cut one...and did this:
...I cut one avocado in half and peeld the skin off, cut some bell pepper, a tomato and two small radishes (too bad the pepper and the tomatoes are not in season, the pepper is ok, but shurely no nutritional value, but the tomatoes are awful this time of year); and of course Rucola!!! I'm in a special relationship with rucola, I use it in my morning smoothie, in my lunch salad and as you can see, with my evening dish also!
So after arranging them nicely for the photo shoot and taking a deep breath (I got frightened by the buttery felling of the avocado! is that a fruit???or just butter??WOW!!!)...
...chopped them all and hop into my blender jar......and voila:
 I forgot to say that I also put a garlic slice which I previously crushed in it. I was so delighted by the looks of my work that I snapped three photos:

....nice for a first, right????? As you can see, there are 2 slices of this bread:
but I will be making my own as soon as I have the money and get my hands on a dehidrator...but after eating the two slices...I ate two more! It's awesome! it's delicious!! And after a few hours I ate the rest of my yummy "guacamole!"
            I just have to add here that I'm listening to Tanya's 25 blue rules , as I call them, and I'm trully drinking my teas, my smoothies and my water from a wine glass:
Yesterday I made a smoothie for myself and when I went to the bedroom to wake-up M he snatched it from my hand and drank it and he liked it! So today I made one for him too:
with just bananas, kiwis and...guess what?? rucola!aaaa, and a little bit of good water! He liked it alot!  
          Maybe I'll manage to make him eat healthier too! That would be sooooo good, as I am always worried about his health.
          Well, that would be all for last evening, I just had to share my meeting with the awesome avocado! Pupici!

p.s. I intend to do this to my avocado stone:
maybe I'll be lucky and have an avocado plant of my own (avocados are sold by the piece here in Romania and are preety expensive!)

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