duminică, 21 aprilie 2013

In search of tranquility...

I don't know if my current state is because I had to much meat during this past week, or just because I am tired and can't hold on to my life schedule....what I do know is that I woke up with a bad feeling, and with a nervousness which I cannot explain.
Thus, I've been "digging" in my work fridge, found a quarter of an avocado, some bell pepper and brocolli and done this:

It is really incredible how you can feel satiated, but do not experience that state of fatigue which you get after eating cooked food. And as I've said in my previous post, avocado is the best, being it a fruit or a vegetable....who cares??? it is tasty! and also gives you a full belly!
 I will buy some more and try to combine with sweet paprika..that must be interesting....
      In another order of ideas, regarding liquids...I'd love to try this:
image source
 it is the interesting and tantalizing Kombutcha Tea, which everyone (or at least everyone I think is worth listening to) is drinking!
Until I have the money to purchase the Kombutcha scoby, I am trying out some new teas brought back from Germany:

 honeybush, mellasses, sweet wood, kardamom and lotus petals for Inner Peace.....and...
...camomille, ginger and fennel. They both taste great, and I know that it's not the time for teas...as winter is gone, but I do love tea sipping while at work, so that't that!


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